G20 Summit in Argentina: fracking in the backstage

Yacimiento Estación Fernández Oro, Allen. Martín Álvarez Mullally
Estación Fernández Oro, Allen. Martín Álvarez Mullally

The G20 summit in Buenos Aires concludes Argentina’s G20 presidency. One of the year’s key themes and controversies has been climate change and the role of fossil fuels. In June the G20 energy ministers signed a communiqué highlighting the role of natural gas in “supporting transitions to lower emission energy systems”.
International Big Oil companies Chevron, Shell, BP, Wintershall, and Total are all pushing to drill Argentina’s huge shale gas formation, Vaca Muerta. And the Argentinian government has offered unprecedented subsidies for unconventional fossil gas drilling – mostly to support the Vaca Muerta shale megaproject. In a year of economic volatility, Vaca Muerta has been the Mauricio Macri government’s only success and hope. At the same time drilling for shale gas and oil in Vaca Muerta is bad for our environment, our economy, and the climate.
The hypocrisy is remarkable: while the government claims to support a necessary transition towards clean and sustainable energy sources, they focus Argentina’s energy and economic expectations on the development of Vaca Muerta, a carbon bomb.
At EJES and OPSur we deeply question this mega-project of fossil energy. Here we share some materials about it made in recent years.

Opsur Castellano // Inglés

EJES Castellano // Inglés
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