The struggle of the coastal communities defines!!! The precautionary measure is still in force!

For several weeks, the Assembly for a SEA FREE of oil companies has been holding a vigil at the gates of the Federal Court N°2, waiting for the resolution of Judge Santiago Martin, convinced that the organisation and struggle of the people are essential to stop the installation of offshore oil platforms in our territory.

In these hours, the court informed, through a press release, the decision to maintain in force the precautionary measure that prevents the Norwegian company EQUINOR from starting the seismic exploration campaign in the sea, 300 km from the coast of Mar del Plata.

One of the reasons for this decision has to do with the fact that neither the company nor the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development can guarantee that there will be no synergistic and cumulative impacts resulting from seismic activity in the different maritime areas under concession.

This demonstrates that the arguments that we have been arguing from the coastal communities, as well as from different scientific bodies and socio-environmental organisations, are more than convincing.

The offshore oil project that the government continues to insist on imposing on us will cause severe and irreparable impacts on the entire marine ecosystem and on our communities. That is why we have been saying for more than a year that it has NO SOCIAL LICENCE.

We are still in the streets, celebrating a new victory in favour of the sea, but in a state of alert because the government will try to continue advancing with this extractivist project.




Asamblea por un Mar Libre de Petroleras

Translated by A Planeta Info