Extreme. The New Frontiers of Energy Extractivism in Latin America

We want to bring you the “Extreme newsletter: New frontiers of energy extractivism in Latin America”, which gathers articles published between September and December 2016 on the website of Oilwatch Latin America. It tries to put into dialogue different approaches to extreme energy, to contribute to critiques of fossil civilization and to reaffirm the urgency of building alternatives.

We hope the work lives up to these goals.


What do we Understand by Extreme Energy?  4.

Anihilating Space Through Time  10.

Biotechnology in the Service of Extractivism  20.

Blowing up the Ocean  26.

Pre-salt: Extreme Energy from the Entrails of the Earth  34.

An Iceberg Called “Vaca Muerta”  44.

Colombia: “Heavies” Expand the Extractive Frontier  54.

Violence as a Model  64.

Extreme Orinoco: The Oil Belt and the Mining Arc, High Risk Extractivism  74.

Coal 2.0: Another Chapter in the Latin American Unconventional Plot  82.